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Chasys Draw Artist 1.80

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Chasys Draw Artist (pronounced ch-as-is) is a drawing program like no other. Unlike others, which only allow you to make geometrical drawings like lines and circles, Chasys Draw Artist was designed for drawing images that look real enough to easily pass for photos (like the ones used on this page). In doing their paintings, artists normally use techniques such as blending colors and shading, which, as you may have realized, are either ignored or inadequately implemented in most graphics software.

In designing Chasys Draw Artist, my main intention was to address this need, so that you wouldn't need to do all your art on paper then go through the pain of looking for a scanner to digitize it. Besides, the computing power of today's computers enables us to do things to images we could only imagine 20, 30 years ago. What is Chasys Draw Artist? The artist's canvas, brush, paint, pencil, gallery, safe (incase someone tries stealing your work) ... all in one computer program. Chasys Draw Artist is a tool - a tool for artistic expression. If you can think of it, you can draw it with Chasys Draw Artist.

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Chasys Draw Artist


Chasys Draw Artist 1.80

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